More than Affordable

We dont go by the Number of Users!

Unlike the vast majority of similar* software providers, we dont charge 'per seat' - we discuss your needs and agree a fixed monthly fee, regardless of how many users you have. This approach allows us to offer you one the most cost effective purchases your business will make. All of our clients report cost and effciency savings that easily pay for the software subscription. The advantages of unlimited users are many, not least the removal of excessive user administration trying to stop you falling into the next tier, the ability to maintain historic records where the user name will be forever recorded and not overwritten because you only have a limited number of users to enter. For the business that regualrly uses contract labour, you can easily activate or deactivate account access as needed.

We know we are more cost effective - our customers tell us so.

We have clients that have come to us from the big names in similar* software, one client was paying £1,500+vat per month for services that just did not provide what they really needed - with us they pay £400+vat! A significant saving of £13,200+vat per annum whilst getting a product that works for them. We are not promising one size fits all, we have clients at £150 per month for very small applications up to £800 for enterprise applications. One thing for sure, we do not try and find every excuse to hit your pockets, at Get Konnected we want an amicable and long term relationship. Our proposals will be clear and honest with no hidden extras to come.


We say similar because we truly believe there is no other software that understands and adequately satisifies the operation and needs of a business with remote workers whilst providing the compliance required for todays business.