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Get Konnected software provides your business with a unique approach to Office and Field Operations & Workforce Management - from anyplace on any device, office, worksite, home and abroad. Not only do we give you a serious efficiency boost, we will help you comply with many of your ISO and Industry Body Auditing requirements whilst improving all around safety for your employees and your business. The info-vid to the left provides a quick summary of what we can do for your business (volume up) - or click on the 'what we do' page for further details. Don't hesitate to contact us with any enquiry you may have.

Based around the things that matter the most

At Get Konnected we recognise what is important to your business and have designed solutions that allow you to manage your business with absolute control, easily and effectively. All presented in a format that is natural to use and efficient.

Coloured status bars and text allow the user to easily spot any issues or areas of concern. A flick of a switch and you can see your data in a more traditional format – still with the same highlighting.


Feature Rich Search, Find and See Functionaility

From a general search through to drilling right down into the data, our searching ability allows a user to find that elusive needle in the haystack in moments.

Our system has been carefully designed with the remote worker in mind, all the functionality of the desktop versions is available on mobile devices – including smart phones and tablets that run Android or Apple iOS. On smaller mobile devices, the buttons become bigger for ease of use on the worksite, combined with clever use of colour coding aids the right selection that also minimises errors.


Our software concentrates on the core elements of your business: Safety, Employees, Customers and Assets. With Get Konnected’s help you can easily maintain accountability for any related action.

Of course, your workers time sheets, purchase orders and invoices will be assigned to a particular job entry but so will many more objects, a few typical examples being assigning assets and/or hired equipment and Safety Documentation such as RAMS and on-site pre-start inspections. giving absolute traceability and accountability that can be recalled at any time.

Easy access to a details page for each record provides important functions such as editing, updating, viewing record histories etc. A particularly useful tool for many companies is that our system provides the functionality of client signatures to a workers timesheet, approving the entry there and then removing any ambiguity or arguments weeks later!


Our system is easy on the eye and intuitive to use, within moments a user understands and appreciates the design architecture. The inbuilt levels of security and access permision provide peace of mind that your data is secure and kept away from prying eyes

We provide you with the tools you know you need and many more in addition that you didnt know you needed! All that will enhance and help run your operations and workforce with ease.